Significant Other App

Keeping your messages off the record and shared only with your significant other.

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The Significant Other App is a shift from other apps that share everything with everybody, everywhere.
It's just for you and one other.

Whether it’s a website link you want to discreetly share and not appear later in your browser, a photo you don't want your kids to stumble across, or a message you don’t want a co-worker to accidentally see pop up during staff meeting, Significant Other keeps your messages guarded and exclusively between
you and your partner.

App Features

No re-sharing

Messages can't be re-shared outside the app and are fully encrypted.

Free sign up

App is free up to 30 saved messages and just $1.99 for unlimited!

Extra security

Touch ID or an optional pin code entry keeps out peeping eyes.

Multimedia sharing

Share text, images, GIFs and videos. Open links that won't appear in your browsing history or Safari.

Breakup proof

Your significant other now more other than significant? No problem. All your messages can be completely deleted if you break up.

Easy to use

Works just like texting except messages are privately stored off your device. No one will "accidentally" read your posts.